1015 7th Street (Rm. 106)
Novato, CA 94945
Phone: 415-798-5362
Email: info@NovatoTelevision.tv
Tuesday - Friday 11AM-5PM
Evenings and Saturdays by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NCTV?
Novato Community Television is a public-access television station, providing the community with affordable means to conceptualize, produce, and broadcast their ideas locally in Novato.  Please visit our About Us page for more information.

Where is NCTV located?
NCTV is located inside the Novato Unified School District Building at:
1015 Seventh Street, Room 106
Novato, CA 94945

What are your hours?
NCTV is open to the public from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; closed Mondays.  Available evenings and weekends by appointment only.  We encourage you to call before you come by, or schedule an appointment, so we allot adequate time to assist you, and are better able to provide you with one-on-one service.   We require at least a week notice prior to reserving studio equipment.  You must be a certified member in order to check out equipment.

How do we contact you?
You may contact us by email at: Info@NovatoTelevision.tv or call (415)-798-5362.

How do I become a member?
You must be a resident of Novato or employed in Novato.  Then, fill out a Membership form and pay an annual membership fee.  You will then be invited to an orientation which is required before taking required production classes.  Once you have taken the production classes, you will then be a certified member and you can begin to schedule studio time and check out equipment.

How do I reserve studio time?
You may request studio time by emailing us at: Info@NovatoTelevision.tv or call (415)-798-5362.  Eventually, we will have online forms available to submit your request digitally.

May I check out studio equipment?
Once you have taken the required orientation and production classes, you will then be a certified member and you can begin to schedule studio time and check out equipment.

We require at least a week notice prior to reserving studio equipment.  You must be a member in order to check out equipment.  We will have you fill out a form, and you must provide a valid driver’s license.

Does it cost for me to do a production in your studio?

If you are a member, we provide you with training so that you have the skills to produce your own show.  If you do require the assistance of a staff produce to shoot and/or edit your piece, there is a nominal charge.  Please see our rate sheet.

We also offer Fee for Service productions.  We request that you call to set up an appointment to visit the studio and discuss your project in more detail before we can offer a quote.

How can I watch your programming?
You must have Comcast Cable to view our channels.  We operate on Cable Channel 26 (Public Access), 27 (Government) and 30 (Education).  In unincorporated areas of Novato, you may access our channels on AT&T U-verse, channel 99.  Scroll down the menu to find “Public”, “Government” or “Education”.

What programs do you air on each channel?
Please see our programming schedule, which is updated weekly.

What if I don’t have Comcast Cable?
You can only view our three channels (26, 27 and 30) on Comcast Cable. However, we do stream our NUSD Board of Trustee meetings live and the City of Novato posts their City Council meetings on the City of Novato website.  We also post many of our productions on our YouTube channel.

Do you have programming online?
Yes.  We have samples of our demo reel online, we post many of our productions on our own YouTube channel, and, you may follow us on our Facebook page.  Our website is also mobile-friendly.

When do you offer classes?
We will resume orientations and production classes in early 2016.  Required courses include Studio Orientation, Basic Portable Production and Basic Editing using Final Cut Pro 10.  Optional courses may include voiceovers and on-camera training.   Producers are encouraged to take additional advanced workshops in Studio Production.  Please call us to sign up for a future class.  More information to come in the new year.

Who governs the station?
Please visit our Board of Directors page.

How do I become a volunteer?
NCTV occasionally relies on volunteers for special events, assisting with a field shoot or in-studio production, editing, or other operational tasks.  Dedicated volunteers help better serve the Novato community and to keep our operating costs to a minimum.

Do you offer internships?
Yes. NCTV provides internship opportunities year round to students in the Novato Unified School District.  We offer flexible hours, including some evenings and occasionally on weekends for special events.  Past interns have been drawn from San Marin High, Novato High, Marin School of the Arts at Novato High, and through   the Marin County School to Career Program .  We select up to two interns per semester and we encourage students to go through the School to Career program in order to earn school credit.

By the conclusion of the internship (usually about 10 weeks), interns are required to produce a final project for airing on one of the local access channels, and on our website, You Tube and Facebook pages.

Often, interns who complete an internship program continue working at NCTV as a Producer.